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Suggestions for Chatlands
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Master Suggestions List

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This list will be updated as we get suggestions.

Under Discussion
Raising the cross site age limit for administrators to be 18+
Regular check ins/evaluations on chat owners & administration by Chatlands Guardians (previously known as Overseers)
Public statement pertaining to Duke and exactly what happened within the community and what has been and will be done to fix any animosity and uneasiness in the community from ever fearing this to happen again
Allowing community opinion, or voting on Chatlands Guardian and who fills the position
A future Tech Support Team to help UD more and take the load off
Better marketing techniques and promoting CL on social media in other ways and other places than it is now, gradually moving toward a CL marketing team solely to do this
Renovation of the ignore feature, making it linked directly to accounts, not usernames(Really this should be crossed over on all account settings, and should be tied to an account, not a username)
Adding a different section entirely to the PT system for reporting CL Guardians, Alphas, and Owners (due to admin abuse, CoC violations, CL Guardians level bans).
Department on either each site or a CL Guardian that specializes in Human Resources for the overall well-being and administration health.
A better "Customer Care" system, and being able to give feedback and fill out surveys/review forms (with the option to remain anonymous) for quality assurance after issuing a report.
Regulations for sites when an chat owner gets banned, or leaves for long periods of times (what happens to the server itself) so that less server space is taken up on CL or the space can be actively used by another.
CL community donations and events for smaller chats so that they can get the art and help they need kick-starting their sites and bring in more revenue to CL.
Creating and marketing new aspects to CL so that it can compete with other sites that attract attention from younger and older age groups (ex: mmorpg's,, wolfing, etc.).
Making poses easier to submit and edit (auto resizer, auto mirroring options).
Consideration for minorities and setting what is case-clear regarding slurs, and how they are handled, and what isn't from each CL's Administration.
Re-customization / re-haul of sniffs, and overall new customization features for user accounts for default sets, rooms, etc.
Better transparency from the Administration(s) and CL Guardians.
Have staff not count towards room count (this way they can enter any room with no issue).
18+ Art Staff rule to ensure no minor is exposed to sexual/explicit content
Idle kicker that's timed and automatic for all users.
Clean up / revamp to the CL website ( so that it's more user-friendly and has a fresh clean look.
Deltas and the Delta bank having a better restriction on how currency is exchanged so that CL sites get the delta purchases to keep their sites running + keep the delta bank from crashing due to lack of investment.

Global method of administration training for all sites for better consistency/conduct (currently under WIP)
All administration and Chatlands Guardians taking more extensive professional training from outside sources to better equip them for handling their sites (currently under WIP)
Art Theft / Handling stolen works better, and administration/CL sites that break these rules

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