The Chatlands Guardians (Overseers)

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The Chatlands Guardians (Overseers)

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Who are the Chatlands Guardians?
Previously known as the Overseers, the group of Chatlands Guardians is composed of three administrators. Two alpha administrators who are from the original two Chatlands sites, and a non-chat owner. Originally formed in order to bring together Chatlands owners as a whole and form a more community driven site. They have also worked toward rule consistencies primarily with cross site banning. They uphold the code of conduct, and based on suggestions, update it. They require any owner and/or administrator agree to the code of conduct as well. This is the basic code of conduct and cannot be changed site to site unless stated directly.

Admin Code of Conduct for Chatlands:

Current Chatlands Guardians
Sif - Cats Paw Island
Avani - Wolfhome
Kes - Kes'triel

What do they do?
Below is a list of some of the tasks the guardians handle as they are reported. They rely fairly heavily on reports from the community, owners, and chat administrators. They do come across a few things occasionally when investigating another issue.
  • Handling Chatlands wide safety threats. The big one here is handling situations of solicitation of minors, hacking threats, offsite harassment (stemming from Chatlands) and cross site trolls. We work closely with the owners of sites to garner information, logs, screenshots, etc to help with the reporting and handling of these situations.
  • Assisting owners and alphas with handling their sites, forums, administrators, and training. They are also working on an owner handbook, training, and doing workshops.
  • Assist Underdog with important bug information, suggestions, and announcements. They also consult with Underdog on many issues that may arise. He is always kept in the loop and they meet with him relatively frequently.
  • Dealing with breaches in the code of conduct by site owners, or if owners do not properly handle the breach. Again, they handle these as they are reported to them, if they see it happen, or investigate further if it's primarily word of mouth.
  • Handling the sale and transfer of Chatlands site ownership so shells don't sell for exorbitant "blackmarket" like prices. Currently, Chatlands is not allowing the trade or transfer of ownership while Chatlands2020 is under construction.
  • Handling art theft when it becomes a chat wide issue. For instance, stolen artwork, maps, or pose sets on a chat site.
What about anonymous reporting?
The Chatlands Guardians are dedicated to protecting the user base and their anonymity. If you have a sensitive issue, or you'd like to report a site admin anonymously, you can send us a problem ticket directly to the Chatlands Guardians at the link below. As the reportee, they will keep your identity safe while handling the situation to the best of their abilities. This ticketing system is used only by the Guardians and Underdog and no one else will know what you've reported. If you'd like to report a Chatlands Guardian, please reach out to one of the other two privately either via forum PM here, or via discord. Occasionally, the Guardians will need to consult other Chatlands sites about a report, HOWEVER, your information will not be shared with the other sites. Especially if the issue you have reported is sensitive. They may request to have a live meeting with you about your report as well, this could be via the guardian's chat site or on discord. Whichever you are the most comfortable with.

Chatlands Guardians Problem Ticketing System: ... ticket.php
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